Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ties for the men in your life

Sorry about the formatting in this post - I clearly have no idea what I am doing!  If anyone wants to give me a tutorial of how to format photos, I'm all ears!)

I've finally finished some of the traditional mens ties I've been planning.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I love making these ties because they have so much hand work.  Once the fabric is cut, I make one machine seam to piece the tie together, and the rest is done by me.  I carefully press the tie into shape, fit the interfacing, place the lining and then stitch away.  It's a great evening activity, and I can take them anywhere while I am waiting.

I'm also making coordinating bow ties for a father son look.

I'm still working on listing all of them, but they should be up soon!

I love the wild shoes on this one .  Deffinately for the man who has self confidence and is comfortable in his own shoes!

This one has so many great colors.  It would be so fun for a photo or wedding.

This is Mike's favorite.  I have several a coordinating bow ties, one in reverse colors.  I'm currently working on a coordinated tie in the fabric I used for the backing, and this tie's fabric for the backing.

I love polka dots on ties - especially orange ties.  The back is lined in a coordinating orange plaid.  I have a matching bow tie in the plaid here.

This tie has spring all written all over it.  I love the way it turned out.  I think I'll make a coordinating skirt for myself and bow ties for my boys and have Mike wear this for Easter.  (We probably should also get a family photo since the last one we had was when my almost4 year old was born.)

This is my very favorite!  I love the feedsack reproductions and this is one of the few that really lends itself to a grown up tie.  It's playful and bright, but still sophisticated enough to wear to the office.  I have a great bow tie that coordinates out of the boots and umbrellas.
 More mens ties are coming soon.  I have a nice big pile of fabric just waiting to be cut, and several that just need to be hand stitched together.    

I'll also be listing coordinating packages for Daddy and son - perfect for Easter, Fathers Day or Valentines Day!  Now that we are coming to the end of interviews, hopefully Mike will be around long enough for me to photograph him modeling some of them!

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  1. These ties are wonderful, and I love the father-son matching tie idea!