Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bag ladies...

I have the most wonderful neighbor across the street.  (I'll call her Daffodil)  She and her husband moved in shortly after we did.  Our paths didn't cross for about a month or so.  (Probably because I didn't leave the house much because of my eye surgery, and when I did I couldn't see much.)  Anyway, in October, I noticed a really cute pumpkin quilt hanging on her front door.  She also noticed my witch door hanger.  We both had to ask if the other was a quilter.  Turns out we both are!  She instantly became my new best friend.  (quilters are a little odd like that.)

Daffodill is an amazing seamstress.  She makes georgous quilts and just recently started making these adorable bags.   My boys loved them. 

My youngest loves to put all of his trucks or legos or trains or whatever he is playing with in zip lock baggies.  I don't love it so much.  So, I decided to make some bags too!  #3 was thrilled.  He helped choose the fabric, and hasn't put the bag down since it was finished.

When #2 saw his little brother's bag, he wanted his own!  He wanted a bag to keep his Legos in.  He chose his own fabric, and helped choose colors for the label.  I thought it turned out pretty well, and so did he.  #2 even cleaned up all of the legos he had been playing with and put them in his bag!  Success!

I'm including instructions for those who might want to make their own.  For those who just want to buy one, I'm selling them in my etsy store.  Here is the link for the Toy Bag and for the Customized Bag.  I hope to add some little girl bags soon.

The bags are a pretty simple pattern.  I made mine 10" x 15" finished.

Here's how to make your own bag:

All seam allowances are 5/8"

1.   Cut 2 pieces of outside fabric 11" x 18".  Cut 2 pieces of lining 11" x 18" (I used white muslin).

2.   Sew bottom seam of outside fabric right sides together.  Do the same for the lining.  Press seams open.

(if you want to personalize or decorate the bag - do it now!  It will be much more difficult later.)

3.   Sew one side of outside fabric together starting 3 1/2 " from the top.  Do the same for the lining. (This will be where you put your string.)  Press seams open, and press the unsewn portion open at 5/8 "

4.   Place the lining inside the outside fabric so right sides are together.  Carefully match seams and pin.

5.   Carefully pull bag out through the opening left between the lining and outer fabric.

6.   Smooth lining into the outside fabric and press well. 

7.  Stitch around opening flaps close to the edge of the fabric, making sure no raw edges are showing.

8.   Fold the top edges over apx. 1" down.  Press and pin. 

9.   Sew the edge down near the bottom of the folded fabric.

10.  Thread ribbon through the folded fabric and tie.

You are done and you have a great storage bag!

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