Wednesday, January 19, 2011

He must really love me...

My sweet husband has been incredibly patient and understanding about this new adventure I'm taking by trying to run a small buisness from our already crowded home.  He even pretends to be excited at my fabric purchases and crazy ties I make.  He doesn't complain that the house is a mess or that I have failed to iron a shirt for him for 3 weeks. 

Mike has been doing quite a bit of traveling lately.  He's been interviewing for a job all over the country.  I have been fortunate enough to have been invited on a couple of those trips.

About a month ago we went to Minneapolis.  While Mike was in meetings, I had the luxury of spending the day shopping.  Our hotel was across the street from Mall of America.  I believe it is the largest mall in the U.S. and it is amazing.  I've complained about the lack of options here, so I was in heaven.

I tried to mostly window shop, but I found some tea towels I fell in love with.  I bought 24 of them and thought that would be more than enough.  I embroidered some for Christmas, and for Valentine's  Day and listed them on Etsy.  They did pretty well.  In fact, I was down to the last one.

Yesterday, Mike had a follow up interview in Minneapolis for the day.  His flight left at 6 am and he returned home at 8 pm.  I mentioned how much I wished I could go and pick up more of the towels, and how I wished he were there longer so he could get me some.

I got a call at about 11 am from Mike saying he was at the store and how many towels did I want.  I said as many as he could carry home, thinking he'd get another 30 or so.  I was so happy!

At 9 pm Mike walked in the door.  The boys were asleep and I was looking at fabric online (a dangerous pastime).  He was carrying an enormous blue bag full of towels!  He had bought 200 tea towels for me!!!!  He had carefully packed them in a bag he bought, and covered them with another bag to protect them.

I was impressed.  He definitely won the Best Husband Ever prize.  Now I am brainstorming fun things to put on them.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests!!!


  1. Best husband ever! You are so talented, Amanda!

  2. What a great husband! I agree, you are very talented.

  3. 200 towels?! That should last you a little while :-)